Additional Services Pricing

Standard Features

Dial 141 before your call to hide your number from the person you're calling
If you have the "withhold number" service, dial 1470 to override it and send your number
Call 1471 to find out the last number to have called you
1471 then 3
Callback your last received call without redialling
20p per call, plus usual call cost
Call 1475 to remove the latest caller from your 1471 list
1471 then 0
Call back those who leave you a voicemail
20p per call, plus usual call cost

Privacy Features

Anonymous Caller Reject
If a caller withholds their number, they won't get through to you
£1.49 per month
Last Caller Barring
Bar incoming calls from your last caller without having to find out their number. Block up to 10 numbers at once
Withhold Number all Calls
Just ask us and well stop your number being seen by recipients when you call them
Standard Voicemail
Voicemail If you don't answer or you're on another call, it plays callers a standard greeting and lets them leave you a message
Enhanced Voicemail
Voicemail For the personal touch, you can record a personalised greeting for your callers and check or listen to your messages from any other phone while you're out
2.55 per month

Time Bands

Mon-Fri - 7am-7pm
Mon-Fri before 7am and after 7pm
Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday

Miscellaneous Charges

Call Waiting (Monthly)

£ 1.99

Caller Display (Monthly)

£ 1.99

Choose to Refuse (Monthly)

£ 2.99

Anonymous Caller Rejection (Monthly)

£ 1.99

Call Bar (one off, per rate band)

£ 1.99

New line installation (one off)

£ 99.00

Early Termination (Line Rental)

£ 40.00

Early Termination (IP Stream)

£ 66.00

Unsolicited cease (after contract term)

£ 25.00

IP Stream Data Over Usage (per GB)

£ 3.00

Other products Data Over Usage (per GB)

£ 0.50

Static IP (per month)

£ 1.99