Supporting Our Customers
Frequently Asked Questions for Breathe
Our Customer Service and Technical Support teams have compiled a list of the most common queries and questions they have answered to help you receive a great, trouble-free Internet connection. We are confident that most of your queries would have been covered here so please try to find the solution to your problem by browsing our frequently asked questions before contacting either our Customer Services or Technical Support teams, it could save you both time and money.

In order to use the Breathe broadband service you will need a standard BT telephone line. If you do not currently have broadband then this will be activated upon completion of your sign up. In addition to this you will need an ADSL Modem or Router.

The cost of the Breathe service starts at just £10.99 per month with FREE activation and FREE migration from your current supplier. Other offers may apply - please check the Breathe website for details of current offers.

The broadband service that we supply is completely unlimited with no restrictions. A fair usage policy applies but this is very unlikely to affect the majority of customers.

All broadband accounts carry a twelve month minimum contract. If you cancel or move your service within the first twelve months then an early termination fee will apply.

In order to connect to the broadband service you will first need confirmation that your line has been activated for broadband. Once this is done you will need to install your hardware and set up your username and password. This will allow you access to the broadband service.

. The contention ratio for Broadband is a standard ratio set at the local exchange, this is 50:1. It does not mean that only one in fifty will be able to connect but the bandwidth at the exchange will be shared between fifty if all are downloading at the same time.

Yes MAC's are supplied to all our users if and when they request one. We will supply your MAC with 5 working days of the request however it is usually possible to supply your MAC the same day.

There are two ways of obtaining a MAC code from us, you may use your My Account area for time and convenience, this is a fully automated way of obtaining your code.

Alternatively write to us at our postal address and we will issue your MAC upon receipt.

Please note that you may still be liable for any charges on your account at that time but this will not stop any MAC being issued.

If you intend to cease the broadband service on your line then a cease charge will be applied to your account. This charge is applied because an engineer must visit your local exchange to disconnect the service.

There are no charges for migrating your service to a new provider. We would therefore recommend that you obtain a MAC for your service and migrate your service to a new provider.